Single Hung

Single hung windows are a traditional style that opens from the bottom by raising the window sash upward. The top glass in the single hung is fixed in place and does not open. This style includes a Half Screen across the bottom leaving the top half as a full view picture window. The opening sash is traditionally one half of the height, however since every window is custom made to fit your home you can specify the height of the sash. This style of window is often used in the dining area to provide a clear view through the window while seated at a table so that the horizontal sash frame is below eye level.

Double Hung

Double hung windows are gaining fast popularity in many home designs due to their elegance and style. As opposed to a single-hung window where only the bottom sash moves with the upper half being permanently fixed, both sashes slide either up, down or even tilt in for double hung windows.

Single Sliding

The sliding and gliding windows provide maximum comfort in the heat and dust of the Arizona climate and offer superb levels of energy efficiency. The money saved on your energy bills, and the likely increase in the resale value of your home, will make your new windows a great investment.

Double Sliding

Double slide windows open from both the right and the left with sashes that slide horizontally towards the center. As a traditional style, these versatile windows match any decor and architecture. Double slide windows are also easily customizable, giving you the option to add your own personal touch to your home.  The perfect choice for privacy or sunscreen options.


Awning windows are top-hinged to swing outward. Our top-hinged windows are designed to be very easy to operate. And, these beautiful, high-quality awning windows bring abundant airflow and lots of natural light into even the smallest spaces. For smaller rooms, or those in which privacy is the priority, a smaller window style may work better than the larger windows that work well in bigger spaces. Awning windows designed to fit perfectly in bathrooms, or utility spaces.


Casement windows are designed with sashes that open vertically by turning a handle. Casement windows fully open to the 90 degree position, allowing entirely unobstructed ventilation. Our gorgeous casement windows make a style statement in your home. Casement windows are ideal for locations that are hard to reach.

Custom Shaped

Picture windows are fixed glass windows that provide unobstructed views while allowing a large amount of light inside the house. They are often used in groups mulled together to create unique configurations and patterns. Transom windows are also fixed windows and are often used above doors and other windows to allow additional light inside the house. Geometric shapes are often used as accent windows to complement a specific architecture. Half Round, Quarter Round, Triangles, and Trapezoid can be tailored to your home for a unique look that is all your own.


Bay window is always custom made and are decorative window that projects outward from the exterior wall. This style of window is commonly referred to as a Bench Seat window and they come out farther than other window types, slightly increasing the amount of floor space in the room. The most common configuration is a fixed 3-window pattern.


Bow windows form a gentle curve from your home. You can combine four or more windows to form your “bow”. They don’t extend as far from your home as bay windows do and lack space for a seat or shelf. People usually have these built with all picture windows. We’ll be glad to explore other options if you have a different design in mind.

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