Garage Floor Coating

Whether you want to refurbish or seal your concrete floor coating can transform your space

Design Transformation

Floor coatings transform spaces into complete and sleek areas. The shiny surface complements any decorative lighting you have in place. As light bounces off the coating, your space will gain a new dimension. Floor coating also covers previous defects your garage floor may have sustained.  Decorative chips of mica or quartz can be added to the epoxy mixture for a speckled look that also adds better traction. This style adds intensity and extra pieces to catch light and glimmer. Metallic epoxy coatings are also captivating options to increase this polished ambiance. You can dress up practical rooms without sacrificing convenience with an epoxy floor finish.

Cost Effective

Garage floor coating is an affordable option compared to current flooring removal. If your concrete floor is not giving you the look and benefits you’d like, floor coating is a simple and cost-effective solution for an industrial-style location. Garage floor coating will be a worthwhile investment because the length of time that the flooring stays intact makes this an efficient choice. Our professionals are experienced in application practices and taking necessary protective measures.


Garage floor coating blocks harmful elements that are sure to encroach on high-traffic spaces. Floor coating features many kinds of resistance which add to its reputation as a hardy flooring method. It bears the brunt of heavy shock, heat, chemicals and water. Perfect for garages since cars can emit many corrosive chemicals.

Protection & Strength

If you want a flooring that you won’t have to replace regularly over the years, garage floor coating is a perfect option with its longevity also reinforces the cost-effective advantages of this coating application. Garage floor coating can not only handle impacts and shocks, but it can also withstand substantial weight. Adding garage floor coating to concrete can enhance its ability to hold weight, and certain kinds can even increase the concrete surface strength. Garage floor coating is also present in its ability to keep from peeling and tearing. 

Simple Upkeep

By covering the concrete, there is a reduction of dust and cement particles released onto other surfaces in your room or garage. Unlike a plain concrete floor that is coarse but brittle, you can easily sweep and maintain the shiny and resilient surface of epoxy. Dust becomes less of a nuisance when the primary source of residual concrete is contained.

Safety & Visibility

Installing floor coating increases visibility in large garage spaces. This is one safety measure that floor coating adds to your space, as the surface reflects light to illuminate the entire room. Most floor coating choices have an intense sheen that produces an elegant look, and this shiny quality can keep you safe by increasing the amount of light in a space. Garage floor coating includes traction in certain epoxies and anti-slip mixes. Additives can increase the stability of your flooring so that falls are less likely to occur.


Garage floor coating keeps vehicles and their tires in top shape with its uniform surface. Concrete may add more wear on your tires, while epoxy’s smoothness will produce little to no reaction from your tires. This setting will cause less deterioration to your car, making automotive trouble infrequent.

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