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Max Pack

The WaterMax® is more than just a water softener, it’s a patented whole home water filtration device. With WaterMax® clean and soft water is just the beginning. WaterMax® water softeners offer a patented approach to solving your specific water needs. The WaterMax® uses less salt and water in its filtration process, which gives you a more efficient system, that protects your plumbing and water-based appliances.

Water Softeners

Do you find it hard to wash clothes or clean dishes and glasses because there is too much residue in the water? Do you find the water in the shower difficult to clean your hair and skin even if you use a lot of soap? If so, there is a huge chance that you have “hard water” as your water source. Water softeners remove calcium and magnesium from your water to make it “soft” and hence better to use for washing, cleaning and drinking.

Whole Home Filtration

Whole home water filtration system can save you a lot of problems by ensuring that the entire water supply of your home from the garden hose to the sink, to the shower and toilets is clean and safe. This type of system is perfect in areas where the water source may not be as reliable or for added security and peace of mind for your loved ones.


Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis greatly improves not just the taste of your water but also its odor and appearance. Diminishing contaminants in your family drinking water.

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